Release 2012.12.08

Ramaze 2012.12.08 has just been released after being delayed for several months. As mentioned in the previous release announcement this release is not backwards compatible. Because of this it is recommended to carefully read this Email as well as the upgrade notes which can be found here:

This new version can be installed as following:

$ gem install ramaze


$ gem install ramaze -v 2012.12.08


  • Bug fix for the Sequel cache that would cause it to store session data for all users.
  • Ramaze::Cache is now app-aware instead of always using "pristine" for the unique identifier. See commit edabd3c9a476854b72fe2caaa60b25d6c6e60aff for more information.
  • A bug in generate_mapping has been fixed, this bug would cause it to sometimes incorrectly map URLs and controllers.
  • Session IDs are re-generated when logging a user out using the User helper.
  • After uploading a file using the file helper the file handle is closed instead of leaving the file as is.
  • Big performance increase due to changes in Innate (more on this below).
  • Escaping of % sequences when using the Syslog logger.
  • Lots of old code such as helpers, loggers and snippets have been removed (see the upgrade notes for the specific details).
  • Various documentation changes such as spelling errors and formatting.
  • CSRF tokens no longer expire until the session is destroyed, this makes it possible to use the same session in multiple browser windows/tabs.
  • Various changes for Ramaze developers to make it easier to develop and release new versions of Ramaze.


As mentioned in this Email and the previous release announcement this version is not backwards compatible. A while ago Michael introduced a change in Innate that speeds it up tremendously by caching various parts of Innate that don't change during runtime. This change however meant some code had to be removed, this in turn gave us a chance to change a few things in Ramaze/Innate in terms of how it handles middleware.

For those who want to upgrade to this new version I strongly recommend you to read the upgrade notes mentioned above. These notes explain what has been removed and how to change your code so that it works with the new version of Ramaze.

If you happen to bump into any issues or are simply confused feel free to open an issue on the Github issue tracker or pop in #ramaze on Freenode.