Ramaze strives to be backwards compatible between each release. However, some releases may contain changes that are not backwards compatible. This document describes the steps required to upgrade between these releases.

Upgrading to Ramaze 2012.12.08

Ramaze 2012.12.08 is not backwards compatible with previous releases due to changes made in Innate 2012.12.


In previous versions one could add Rack middleware using Ramaze.middleware!. This method has been renamed to Ramaze.middleware (without the !) and its use has been changed. Instead of calling run Ramaze.middleware one now has to use run Ramaze.core.

An example of the old way of defining middleware:

Ramaze.middleware! :dev do |m|
  m.use Rack::Lint
  m.run Ramaze.middleware

The new way of defining middleware:

Ramaze.middleware :dev do
  use Rack::Lint
  run Ramaze.core


Various executable commands such as ramaze start and ramaze console have been removed in favour of the use of Rake tasks. For existing projects that do not have these Rake tasks you'll have to import them manually, new projects will have these tasks automatically. These tasks are located here.

These commands were removed as they contained a lot of old and rotting code without any tests. Some of them, such as ramaze start weren't very useful either as most people will use the commands for their webservers (e.g. Thin) instead. The use of Rake tasks also makes it possible for people to customize these to their liking.


Ramaze ships with various snippets that extend various core Ruby classes. In Ramaze 2012.12.08 a lot of these snippets have been removed. A list of all the removed snippets can be found here.


The following logging classes are no longer available:


The following helpers have been removed:

Core classes

The following core classes have been removed:


The prototype generated by ramaze create has been changed. It contains a set of Rake tasks, a README, a Gemfile and some other small changes compared to the previous prototype. Existing projects are not affected.