Release 2011.10.23

Ramaze users,

Today marks the day of a new Ramaze release. It took a while for a new release to show up (the last one was in July) but don't worry, it was worth the wait. Below is a list of the most important changes and additions.

  • BlueForm's input_checkbox method now takes a hash or array as it's checked value (on top of a normal string based value). This makes it possible to select multiple checkboxes. See commit b82571a1b5c933f465c3af0d4965348298a57664 for more information.
  • Lars Olsson contributed an upload helper (Ramaze::Helper::Upload) that makes it easy to handle uploaded files.
  • ramaze/rest has been removed as it didn't even work properly.
  • Ramaze::Helper::Layout has been re-written so that multiple calls to set_layout() don't remove previous layouts. See 05cc35a477c838633b6c176803a6e413af749eff for more details on this change.
  • Ramaze.setup has been updated so that it works with the most recent version of Rubygems as well as with older versions. This should prevent any deprecation warnings from popping up.
  • Mustache templates can now use the .mustache extension.
  • The blog example has been re-written from scratch (examples/app/blog).
  • A cache driver for Redis has been added (Ramaze::Cache::Redis).
  • Ramaze now runs on all available Ruby distributions such as REE, Rubinius and 1.9.3.

Another massive change is that starting with this release Ramaze will no longer use Sphinx for it's user guide but instead now uses a fully YARD based documentation. More information on this change can be read in the following Email:!topic/ramaze/W4WFof2ePMg