Release 2011.07.25

The Ramaze team is proud to announce the release of Ramaze version 2011.07.25. This new release contains quite a few changes so it's best to read through them carefully.

  • Ramaze::Log::RotatingInformer can now be used as a Rack middleware.
  • Ramaze::Helper::Layout#set_layout has been modified in such a way that it's easier to specify method specific layouts, see commit 0d15a29c960e22761456180a6be7b88c3809eba8 or lib/ramaze/helper/layout.rb for more information.
  • All remaining ETag issues have been solved.
  • Ramaze::Cache::Sequel has been re-written, massive thanks to Lars Olsson for the contribution. See commit c5587c0d3feda8ca2c89399418ac1132d0236fcb or lib/ramaze/cache/sequel.rb for more information.
  • Ramaze::Cache::MemCache has been re-written and now uses Dalli. See commit 016b2d225d601a71479698e40886b15aaeaa32ec or lib/ramaze/cache/memcache.rb for more information.
  • Pathname errors have been resolved.
  • The layout of the prototype has been updated to reflect the new design of the website.
  • Ramaze::Helper::BlueForm#input_checkbox and Ramaze::Helper::BlueForm#input_radio now accept the options :show_label and :show_value which can be used to show/hide the values/labels of these methods.
  • The Email contribution has been moved to Ramaze::Helper::Email and had several cleanups.
  • The HTTP Digest helper has been removed in favor of Rack::Auth.
  • User objects are no longer stored in the session when using Ramaze::Helper::User, it may not always be possible to Marshal these objects.
  • Several changes have been made for those developing Ramaze itself.
  • A new shiny Ramaze executable, see commit cd9fa64138324a5af061daafbd8e7307726843ed or the files in lib/ramaze/bin/ for more information.
  • Ramaze::View::Less, Ramaze::View::RedCloth and Ramaze::View::Maruku have been removed. Less is no longer supported without Node.js, RedCloth could not be compiled on systems running relatively new versions of GCC. On top of that both RedCloth and Maruku weren't used as view drivers.
  • Ramaze::Helper::BlueForm#input_checkbox and Ramaze::Helper::BlueForm#input_radio no longer generate a hidden field as this would generate Rack errors (they also weren't that useful).
  • General code cleanups and more documentation.

The user guide will be updated in the coming days to reflect these changes. If you have anything to add yourself feel free to submit a pull request and we'll take a look at it.

Happy hacking!