Ramaze 2012.04.14

Ramaze 2012.04.14 was just released, this release is mostly a bug fix release. This release does not contain any of the Innate/Ramaze improvements as mentioned in the previous release announcement, those will be put in the next release (of which the date has not yet been confirmed).


  • The Redis adapter (Ramaze::Cache::Redis) has been fixed so that it works with sessions, previously this would result in "Can't convert into symbol" errors and the like. This problem was caused by not encoding data using Marshal. Thanks to EdvardM for reporting the issue.
  • The Redis cache adapter namespaces keys just like the other adapters.
  • Ramaze::Cache::MemCache has been updated for the latest version of Dalli and should no longer display deprecation warnings. The minimum required version of Dalli has been set to at least 2.0.2.
  • Various documentation improvements and additions.
  • The HTML of the pagination helper can now be customized, thanks to Leucos and bougyman for adding it.

I also like to remind you that the next release of Ramaze will not be backwards compatible with previous releases. This is because manveru made a few changes to Innate that make it a lot faster, this change however, required the removal of the middleware compiler (in order to keep Innate under 2k LOC). In the coming days Ramaze will be updated so that it will work properly with these changes. An announcement will be made when these changes have been comitted so that developers can prepare for this release.

As always, for any information or questions you're more than welcome to join the IRC channel #ramaze on freenode.